Solar On-Grid Power Plant

Solar electricity generated during the day time is either used or exported to TANGEDCO. When the solar PV system is unable to supply power, electricity can be imported from the TANGEDCO. The existing TANGEDCO service connection meter needs to be replaced with a NET METER that can measure both the energy import (from the grid to the consumer) and energy export (from the consumer to the grid).

  • A grid - connected solar power system will reduce the EB Bill up to 90% as it is possible to export surplus electricity produced.
  • It does not require battery system so there is no storage loss involved.
  • Return on investment is 4-5 years only.
  • It is pollution free and environment friendly.
  • Very less maintenance because there is no moving part in the system.
  • 1KW solar power produces 4-5 units per day, 1500 units per year.
  • 100 sqft south facing shadow free space required for 1KW.

Solar Off-Grid Power Plant

It is very useful when there is no Grid power source is available or Grid power source is not reliable.This system consists of Solar PV Modules, Solar Inverter with inbuilt charge controlling unit and batteries.

  • Energy Self sufficient.
  • Very useful during Power Failure.
  • Round the clock Power is available.

Solar Water Pump

Solar water pumping system is more Economical and beneficial for Agriculture, Resorts and Hotels, Residence and Institutions. A Solar pump set contains PV array, motor pump set, (AC/DC)Controller, Variable Frequency Drive, cables etc. Horse power of the pump depends on water requirements, size of the field, type of irrigation and dynamic head. The solar water pumping system can draw water from the open well, bore well or stream, pond or canal.

  • Dual Mode operation - Solar and grid power.
  • In built dry run protection.
  • Remote monitoring system.
  • Very low maintenance cost.

Solar Street Light

Solar Street lights are more beneficial for Educational Institutions, Hospitals, Apartments, Industries, Restaurants and Resorts.

  • Automatic dusk to dawn operation.
  • Power LEDs for Higher brightness and less power consumption.
  • Life of LED light is more than 50000 illumination hours.
  • Green Energy, No carbon di-oxide (CO2) emission, Environment friendly.

Solar Water Heater

Solar water heater is a better replacement for conventional electrical geysers.Using solar energy, the water heats up in the range of 60-80 Degree. Solar Water is not only used for heating water, also being used in process heating and space heating applications. The capacity of the system ranges from 100 to 500 LPD.

  • Ideal for bathing, Process Heating at Hospitals, Hotels and institutions.
  • No running cost.
  • Tailor made systems to suit hard water.

Solar Fencing

The solar module generates the DC energy and charges the battery. The output of the battery is connected to the energizer. The energizer will produce a short high voltage pulse at regular rate of one pulse per second. The live wire of the energizer is connected to fence wire and the earth terminal to the earth system.

  • Power fence can be erected to target species only.
  • All domestic and wild animals can be controlled economically.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Discourage trespassers and predators.

Ro System-Water Purifier (Pentair)

PENTAIR is the US based company, Best in Class Features coming from the trusted house of PENTAIR, RO membrane tested and listed by NSF international, GAC cartridge-Gold seal tested and recommended by Water Quality Association (WQA), Complete ABS food grade plastics used to ensure safety of water and environment, Fully Automatic - offers zero manual efforts, User friendly smart indicators.

  • Six (6) Stage Purification Technologies
  • Purification upto 15L/Hr
  • 7litre Zero contaminant concealed storage tank

Super Fan

  • 56% Power saving
  • Speed will not change due to voltage fluctuation
  • Comfort of remote
  • Motor does not generate heat
  • Less noise
  • 5 Years warranty
  • Available in fun colors